Ready To Serve YYC Spring 2019

Designed For Dining Experiences
Cuiseek is made for restaurants who want more diners; not more takeout containers.

Increase Sales

Increase your average diner spend by selling more drinks.

Faster Turnover

Speed up service without rushing your diners.

Minimize No-Shows

Dining reservations are backed by a pre-order.

Dine-in please

There is so much more to your restaurant than your food. Atmosphere, ambiance and service matters.

The sights, the sounds, the smells and the smiles can only be experienced in-restaurant; not out of a takeout container.

What is Cuiseek?

Cuiseek is a social dining platform designed to streamline and enhance the dining planning process.

Social Dining

Users create dining plans and invite their friends to join.

Group Voting

Group decides where to eat by voting on places they want to go.


Once a restaurant has been decided, the group pre-orders drinks for dining reservations.

Increase sales

Faster diners can be served their drinks, the more unlikely they will order again.

Faster Turnover

Eliminating drink ordering period will speed up service without rushing the diners.

Minimize No-shows

Reservations with pre-orders are protected by your cancellation policy.

Is Cuiseek For you?

Connect with us to see how Cuiseek can help.  No credit cards. No obligations.