Skip The Wait

Pre-Order For Table Reservations.

Going out for a meal? Quench your thirst first. Upgrade your dining game by pre-ordering your first round of drinks with Cuiseek.

Make a plan. Invite some friends. Pre-Order. Arrive and enjoy.

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How It Works

Waiting around for your drinks, especially when dining with a large group of friends, is less than ideal. Cuiseek lets you pre-order drinks for table reservations.  Dine like VIPs.  Be a regular everywhere you go!

Make A Plan

Visit our web app. Sign up, create a plan and invite some friends. Browse through restaurants and vote on the ones you want to dine at.


Choose a restaurant and browse through their drink menu. Pre-order and pre-pay for table reservations.

Arrive & Dine

Quench your thirst first.  Arrive for your table reservation and dine in style.  Don't wait around for your first round.


    Date night. Girls night. Birthday celebration. Post-game hang out. Friends make any occasion better. Invite them out with you.

  • VOTE

    It’s easy to find the perfect place for any occasion with Cuiseek. Every guest can give their input with our voting and in-app messaging feature to choose the perfect place for your outing.

  • PLAN

    Deciding on where and when to dine as a group has never been easier. Cuiseek helps you and your friend streamline the dining decision making process.

  • Order

    Pre-order and pre-pay for menu items to secure your table reservation. Enjoy your outing as soon as you sit down. No more waiting for your first round.


    Browse through Cuiseek partners to find that right spot for your outing. Our partners are carefully curated for the best dining experience; no matter what the occasion.

  • DINE

    Quench your thirst first when you pre-order your drinks for table reservations. Company is so much better when you’re not preoccupied with ordering beverages when you arrive.